Jerome's Quest: Sure to be a Hit

Sir Jerome Kennington has been a ghost for 200 years. He is on a mission for which he has only one year to complete. At the end of that year he will be reborn. His quest: to find the soul of his soulmate Alicia in order to be reborn himself, near her. It won¹t be easy, but the powers that be have given him a locket that will lead him. Unfortunately it leads him to come to the aid of those in need, and puts him in the thick of confrontations with some scary people. Having been given a mortal body for the year, Jerome is gifted with exceptional, if not superhuman strength, which he uses to save a few damsels in distress.

Land of the Wand: This One Sitting Saga is Worth the Journey

In an import store at Chicago's Illinois Center mall, four seemingly normal Homo Sapiens are drawn to a wand on display.

A Ghost Among Us: Romance abounds in this fantasy

Meet Sir Jerome Kennington, the most lovable ghost since Casper. Jerome has been dead almost two hundred years, but he still inhabits the residence he once lived in as the Earl of Arden. It seems that he is bound to the house until he finds out who murdered him on his wedding night in 1811. Suddenly Jerome meets six people who can help him accomplish his mission.

A Ghost Among Us: Perfect for Poolside or Fireside

Review by: Sandra Brandenburg

A playful read, just perfect for poolside or fireside, 'A Ghost Among Us' starts with a short energetic letter that introduces the three main female characters. Deirdre, Natalie, and Charlotte are Americans negotiating their way through London while struggling a bit (but only a bit, who wants too much reality in our entertainment these days?) with careers and men. Their avocations are TV talk show host, painter and photographer.

A Ghost Among Us: Must Read!

Never before have I encountered a ghost I like so much as Sir Jerome Kennington. We should all be so lucky to have a spirit so full of life in our homes.

Three women rent a house in Hampstead that comes furnished with antiques and its own resident earth bound spirit. What follows is a wonderful story of the three living together, as only women can, sharing and supporting each other through career challenges, men troubles and decisions of what to wear.