Go West, You Idiot: Movie Script

Based on a story by Frank Cmero.  Also a novel.


Action drama, set in Prague, Western Europe and Australia. Similar in style to films like THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY and THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING, but with a feel of some political films like REDS and . This is the story of 'everyman' and his pursuit of happiness, through his battle with the bureaucracies of Communism and Imperialism.


Frank C. is a mid-level bureaucrat in Communist Prague. A report accidentally comes across his desk rather than that of his boss, and Frank envisions the end of Communism in a fiery maelstrom of suffering. He escapes from The Czech Republic with his wife Katarina, her brother Michael and their baby son Marek, completely unprepared for what they will encounter.


The three escapees move through Europe, trying in vain to find sanctuary. After two government officials attempt to kidnap Frank and Katarina and return them to Prague, Katarina nearly dies. They finally land in Australia, where Michael makes a new life -- he remains there, but Frank and his family return to Prague after the fall of Communism. It takes more heartbreak and loss before Frank and Katarina realize they have lost their home, and finally dedicate themselves to a new life in a new place.


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