Debora Elizabeth Hill, CEO


Debora's biography was included in the White House Millennium Time Capsule.

Debora was born in San Francisco in 1961, and has lived most of her life in Northern California except for a brief and delightful sojourn living on the Isle of Dogs in London.  


  • Born July 10, 1961, San Francisco, California
  • Graduated High School 1979
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism/Creative Writing 1983
  • Two years graduate work in Ancient History 1983-85
  • Profiled in WHO'S WHO PUBLICATIONS: American Women; In America; In Entertainment; In the World; In the West; International Women; Directory of International Biography; International Authors and Writers
  • OUTSTANDING PEOPLE OF THE 20TH CENTURY, published 1999 at Cambridge.
  • Awarded the 20th Century Award of Achievement (UK), 1999 and nominated a Woman of the Year (1998, UK).


  • The San Francisco Rock Experience (Anthelion Press, 1979)
  • CUTS From The San Francisco Rock Experience (and books, 1982) Available through
  • Punk Retro: The Music of the No-Future Generation (Columbus Books, 1988 UK only)


  • A Ghost Among Us (Jaqkar LLC./Fire Mountain Press, 2003)
  • Jerome's Quest (Jaqkar LLC/Fire Mountain Press, 2003)
  • A Wizard by Any Other Name (Fire Mountain Press, 2005)
  • The Land of the Wand, Volume I of The Lost Myths Saga.  With Sandra Brandenburg (Fire Mountain Press, 2006)
  • The Crystal Chalice, Volume II of The Lost Myths Saga.  With Sandra Brandenburg (Fire Mountain Press, 2007)
  • Hosted Rock Journal television show for Viacom Cablevision 1981
  • Worked as a print journalist since 1990 with national and international publication in magazines, newspapers and journals. Published clippings available upon request.
  • Began work as an online journalist in 1999:
    • Northern California Correspondent for Neighborhood America until 2001
    • Feature Columnist on Elder Care for Access Life until Fall, 2000
    • Contributed to (Gale Research Anthologies): Resourceful Woman, 2/94, The St. James Guide to Fantasy, 1/96, and The St. James Biographies of Famous Gays and Lesbians, 1/97.
    • Contributed to Spectacle, Volume I: "Women and Popular Culture, 1997 by The Pachanga Press.
    • Celebrations: Notes to My Mother and Celebrations: Notes to My Pet, 2003 by Dawkins Publications
    • "Tucker's Song" included in Between Darkness and Light published July, 2000 by The International Library of Poetry
    • "The Mother Sun" included in Eyes of the World published 2001 by The International Library of Poetry
    • "On Holiday" included in Best Poets of 2000, published 2001 by The International Library of Poetry
    • "Goodbye, Beloved" included in The Silence Within, published 2002 by The International Library of Poetry
    • "The Colony" included in the book Unconditional Love, published by Heliographica, September 2004. Edited by Avie Townsend
    • Included in The Best Poems and Poets of 2001 and 2002, 2003 and 2004

Fall 1997, Spring, 1998: worked on concept development for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager (on Adam Seligman's team).

2010 formed global investment consortium with Stephen Edwards (CEO, ProLand LTD.) and Frank Cmero (originator of GO WEST, YOU IDIOT!).