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Goodbye My Friend...David Bowie died yesterday

On the 10th of January, 2016, someone who was once very important to my life died at the age of 69.  It was a shock...David Robert Jones (Bowie) has not been a part of my life for many years, but there was always the 'what if' factor remaining.  What if I saw him again one day, what if I spoke to him?  What if I could fulfill a dream he had, to direct a feature film...and a dream I had, of him directing a film I wrote?  That possibility is gone now.  I was shocked; I knew he had been ill, had a heart attack...but I thought he was recovered.  Cancer...the all-inclusive leveler that doesn't respect talent, intelligence or wealth, felled my friend.  And now I am left to wonder...was it the self-abuse he heaped on himself when he was young, that brought him to a premature death?  Because his death WAS premature...this talented, brilliant, infuriating man had so much more to do in this lifetime...

Now that he is gone, I see tributes to him all over Facebook and the internet. They don't make me sad...they make me smile.  My friend is in the Summerland now, but I feel him all around me.  Next time...what if.