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Valerie is a native of San Francisco who was named in honor of Valentine's Day (for which she is eternally grateful -- a day earlier or later and her name would have been Priscilla) and raised in Greenbrae until age 13, when the family packed up and moved to Sebastopol. A self-taught reader at 3, Valerie picked up a natural talent for good spelling before she actually knew what that was, and was blessed a mom who corrected all grammatical errors.



Debora's biography was included in the White House Millennium Time Capsule.

Debora was born in San Francisco in 1961, and has lived most of her life in Northern California except for a brief and delightful sojourn living on the Isle of Dogs in London.  

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Tom Brandenburg

Tom has been working behind the scenes, supporting Debora and Sandra in their various ventures for a long time now; since before he and Sandra got married. He has faxed their messages, proofread their work, talked to their business associates, lifted their heavy file boxes, carried out their trash, assembled their furniture, attended to pet care, yard care, high tea, the carving of the Solstice goose, the making of chocolate chip cookies, and managed their business where necessary. In addition, he has been a central and valued part of several other businesses in Northern California.


Roxy has been in the forefront of the digitization and management of content since the late 1980’s as:


Born October 15, 1961 - died August 31, 2012

Ms Brandenburg has worked, in the past as everything from Corporate Flunky to Wallpaper and Paint Sales, Custom Decorating, Cashier, Dry Cleaner's Assistant, and the most menial of all possible jobs...researcher...and...technical writer in the construction field. Since being released from that particular prison she has concentrated on poetry, fiction, scriptwriting and editing.