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Into the Second Quarter, Just Like the First

Into the Second Quarter...Just like the First?
    We started April with Frank and Stephen slashing at one another like two big cats in a small cage.  It was Frank’s fault we hadn’t finished birthing this elephant; no, it was Stephen’s.  It was the issuer, his mandate, CSOB and Barclays.  It was the wind, it was the rain.  Can you deduce, gentle reader, that I’d had enough of these two?  

Another Year Over, A New One Just Begun...

    New Year’s Day, we slept late.  We’d had a New Year’s Eve party the
 night before, which unfortunately included a tremendous blowup between my foster son Wyatt and his erstwhile girlfriend Nikki.  As Nikki was also our friend, she came on New Year’s Eve while Wyatt went to Oregon with his new girlfriend.  It was a long night, and it was going to be a long day.

The Time of the Cyber Stalker

    In July I joined the elite but not small in any sense group of people on the internet who were subjected to the attentions of a ‘cyber-stalker’.  Mine was named David Phillipson, a hack for a website called that was supposedly a networking group for investors and entrepreneurs.  Funnily enough, about six months before I checked out one of their ‘meet and greet’ events at The Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa, and discovered that all the people who were to attend were small businessmen – no investors, no one looking for investment money in the same class we were.

Does Spring Mean a New Start?

Does Spring Mean a New Start?
    May started out beautifully; we were surrounded by potential investors who appeared to have their act together, and Frank Cmero was progressing with his plans for his last fish farm.  And sometimes, it’s actually a lucky thing to have nothing in the way of funds...
May 1, 2010
Dear Deb,

What 99.99% of the World Doesn’t Know...Including Us

    June was a revelation in more ways than one.  Frank’s German broker was about to change our lives, and once that knowledge started to flow into our minds, there was no going back.  It started with a letter to John Waterman, our second proposed Managing Producer for THE DANGER CLUB, from Frank Cmero concerning his broker in Germany.
Dear John,

Whether I Like it or Not...It all Appears to be About Me

March 3, 2009
Hello, Team;
    Here is today's bombshell. I spoke to Rob this morning, and in three weeks he is relocating to Santa Monica -- all expenses paid by a studio (he didn't tell me which one, darn it). They are providing him with a house and office, and he is hiring a staff. He's going to be out here permanently, and I don't know if Bill Hicks is coming with him or staying to man their Florida operation. 

SPECTRE Lives Among Us, Part One


In the ‘James Bond’ books and movies, SPECTRE is the evil organization of world super villains and leaders that have run amok.  They build huge engines of destruction in order to manipulate the climate, economies, and the world.  In real life, they do exist...not by that or any actual name, but they are out there, working everyday to undermine positive change and progress in society.  Rather than earth-shattering, sweeping evil, they instead work as rats do in the infrastructure of a house, chewing on the foundations and destroying the living space.

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