What is LMI?

LMI stands for Lost Myths Ink LLC.  The title comes from a fantasy series I wrote with Sandra Brandenburg, The Lost Myths Saga. The first two volumes were published in 2006 and 2007,  but the rest were held over while we searched for financing for the proposed LMI film production fund.  We never imagined it would take this long, and in 2012 Sandra left us for The Summerland.  Tom and I have continued, and now that series will be re-released with covers based on paintings by visionary artists, beginning with THE LAND OF THE WAND in 2018.  

Lost Myths Ink is a multi-media development and production company.  For more information, please see the individual pages for film, novels, bios, etc.  The fund is coming together, and the plans for 2018 include a myriad of characters -- a cast worthy of Shakespeare:

Publisher Roxann Caraway.  Roxy is planning to expand her little publishing company, fire Mountain Press this y ear, and LMI is hoping to become her partner in taking it multi-national.  

Art Director Kurt Niece.  Jewelry designer, metal and crustal sculptor, author...are we not massively blessed to have Mr. Niece on our team?  The plan is for Kurt to start the LMI visionary art collection this year.

Editor Valerie Randol-Alwell.  Valerie has been a great friend since college days, and she will be continuing with us into this brave new world -- her first job for us in 2018 will be the editing of our proposed main streamnovel GO WEST.

Star of The Wonderful World of OZ Oberon Zell Ravenheart.  OZ has been a friend for over twn years.  He is the High Priest of the Church of All Worlds and the Dean of the School of Grey Wizardry.  He will be the star of our proposed reality television show, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF OZ.  Every life is enriched by his presence.

Producer Richard J. Dubin of Crosscut Films.  'J' has stuck with us for about eight years through the raising of funds for LMI.  He is the current Production Coordinator for THE WONDERUL WORLD OF OZ, the proposed Producer of THE DANGER CLUB and DON'T BREATHE THE AIR, and hopefully (I say because we haven't asked him yet!) the Production Coordinator for GO WEST.

Producer Randy Turrow of FilmPro and Director Peter E. Jackson. Proposed producer and director of DREAM LOVERS and 1 NITE IN S.F.

Producer Shalene Portman of Samilu Productions.  Proposed producer of DEATH OF A SHINING STAR and BIRTH OF A SHINING STAR.

Illustrator Kyle Chan.  Designer and teacher Kyle Chan will be our costume illustrator and sometime cover designer.