Dream Lovers: Movie Script


An espionage/romance with psychic overtones. The story takes place in modern-day Los Angeles and New York. It should have the tone and style of films like THE PELICAN BRIEF and THE NET, but at the same time it has some comic touches reminiscent of GOTCHA! and IF LOOKS COULD KILL. And the psychic dream sequences should be similar to those of GHOST or FIELD OF DREAMS.


A bestselling author of espionage thrillers and a university professor are linked through a series of psychic romantic dreams. The professor, upon discovering the identity of her 'dream lover', is driven to write a novel of her own, which is sent to the author's agent by her friend, a fellow professor.


Author Charles Sutcliffe and university professor Kathleen MacDonnell finally meet when he speaks at a seminar at U.C.L.A. They are already lovers in their dreams, but he believes she has stolen the plot of his new novel when her's is almost identical. When he is kidnapped by two thugs in the employ of a crooked corporation, his hobby as a 'CIA courier' is revealed. Kathleen and literary agent Malcolm must rescue him and bring down the corporation.



Reg. WGAw #849462