Jerome's Quest: Sure to be a Hit

Fiction - Fantasy
Title: Jerome's Quest
Author: Debora ElizaBeth Hill

Rating: Excellent!
Publisher: Fire Mountain Press
Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl

Sir Jerome Kennington has been a ghost for 200 years. He is on a mission for which he has only one year to complete. At the end of that year he will be reborn. His quest: to find the soul of his soulmate Alicia in order to be reborn himself, near her. It won¹t be easy, but the powers that be have given him a locket that will lead him. Unfortunately it leads him to come to the aid of those in need, and puts him in the thick of confrontations with some scary people. Having been given a mortal body for the year, Jerome is gifted with exceptional, if not superhuman strength, which he uses to save a few damsels in distress.

Helping Jerome along are his descendant Robin and his on again off again love Dierdre, her dear friends Charlotte and Natalie and their men, Vladimir and Paul. Along the journey a few folks get married, Robin gets sucked into the world of limbo assumed to be Jerome, and a whole new mission is begun to save the runaway children of London. While Robin is missing to the living, Jerome fills his shoes on the stages of a tour with Robin¹s band, The Experimental Monkeys. For an Earl from the 1800¹s he learns to belt out rock songs rather quickly, and also learns that the affections of groupies are quite personal.

Will Jerome find his true love in time? Will Robin stop drinking and settle down? Only time will tell and a year passes quickly when you are on a quest of immense proportions.

Debora Hill has once again lent life to the characters of her work. Dierdre is one strong woman and Robin, an equally pig headed man. Jerome is endearing and a perfect protagonist. The lives of street kids are hard to portray but Debora has done a wonderful job. Overall her characterization is spot on realistic - even when dealing with the spirit world!

The plot is involved, yet easy to follow, much like real life. One feels as though they know these people and are involved in their lives. How delicious it would be to have a spirit to interact with in this way. With a quest as grand as reuniting two soulmates, "Jerome¹s Quest" is sure to be a hit. Debora Hill is a gifted storyteller with a grasp on things spiritual.