A Rumour of Murder

Rumour magazine has been launched, and rock star David Blakely finds himself, as publisher, drawn more into the daily workings of the magazine than he anticipated. With Ben and Michael, Elizabeth, Hollis and Josie Payne onboard, everything runs smoothly at first; but when David leaves on his European tour the strangeness begins. For him it is a Deja Vu moment, back to the beginning of his relationship with Elizabeth, when he lost her for fifteen years. A gaggle of new characters with some odd quirks and damages threatens to disrupt the lives of the lovers. Michael proposes to Hollis and they become engaged; David’s assistant Perry Wentworth marries Josie Payne for undisclosed reasons of his own – in a rushed ceremony on the French Riviera, and he becomes the first murder victim. From there it is a whirlwind of chaos...until the four lovers finally unravel the agendas of people who were hired to work for Rumour but should never have set food inside the front door. Will David and Michael finally get their girls? Will Elizabeth and Hollis manage to stay alive and keep their heroes breathing? In the world of Rumour, all possibilities are valid.