Supergirls II: The RenaissAnce Faire Murders

The SuperGirls are back, and on the case! When the Director of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire receives death threats, she hires the SuperGirls to guard her. Dressed as a band of outlaws, the SuperGirls and their male cohorts roam the fair grounds Labor Day weekend. But Phylicia Patrick is murdered on Labor Day Monday, setting of a chain of events so bizarre even the SuperGirls can't keep up with them.

The trail of bodies eventually leads to Utah, and the desert compound of the SuperGirls nemesis, The Church of Everlasting Enlightenment and Chastisement. Now headed by Zandra's mother Zelda Hillis, known to the church as Mother Zelda, the church is even more a sanctuary for wackos and assassins than it was under the reign of Billy Bob Savage.

When Zandra and her favorite Feds, Smith and Brownlow, infiltrate the compound to confront Mother Zelda, Smith ends up dead. Ed Brownlow goes on a rampage in search of the murderer, a church assassin named Janet Sinclair. By the time the SuperGirls, the Feds, the Salt Lake City Police and two detectives from California are finished with the compound, it's a pile of rubble in the desert.

But the death of Zelda Hillis and the destruction of her compound lead to more mysterious puppet-masters behind the scenes. Ancient twin brothers of great evil who rule the corporate and political boardrooms of America are behind it all, with their dream of a one-world government run by Capitalist Fascists. It is a teenager in Washington, D.C. and a retired newspaper editor in California who bring the SuperGirls and Brownlow the evidence needed to bring down the nefarious duo. Or is it only enough to bring down one of the Bore brothers?

Will Zandra live to marry Rob? Will Rob live to publish the story in Conspiracy magazine? Will Cassie and Pal live to raise their two astute children? Only you will know, gentle reader, when you open the pages of SuperGirls: The Renaissance Faire Murders.