The Last Descendant

Volume III of the Ghost Saga

Sir Jerome Kennington is reborn as the baby of Charlotte and Paul Harkness, now named Jerome Kennington Harkness. Robin Herald asks Dierdre Hall to marry him, and she accepts. One day Dennis Kinkaid’s mother shows up at the townhouses, and confronts Robin Herald. Until that day neither Robin nor Dennis had realized Dennis was his son, despite the amazing resemblance between them. In his confusion over having been adopted by his actual father, Dennis bonds with baby Jerome, and somehow finds Alicia’s magical pendant in the baby’s cradle. When Dennis dons the pendant, he starts to feel more powerful, stronger and more confident. He and Rita are having the problems of two teenagers who have been together since they were children, and Dennis is thinking of dating other girls. At a reception party for one of Natalie’s art shows, Dennis wanders outside to have a cigarette and the pendant starts to glow. When he goes to investigate the pendant leads him to a warehouse where skinheads are about to rape a girl. He saves her easily, and his now supernatural powers are awakened.

When Dennis returns, he tells the others about the pendant and his new powers. When Robin and Dennis argue about who should have the pendant, Dennis tries to pass it to him and they are both transported back in time to the world of Sir Jerome Kennington, Earl of Arden. They have no idea how to get home, fall in with a group of drunken aristocrats, and go searching for Lieutenant Jerome Kennington, somewhere on the continent. The group at home manage to create a power circle and draw Robin back to the present, stranding Dennis alone in 1805 England. When some navy men try to ‘press’ him, he is rescued by another man, a friend of his first friends in London. Sir Anthony McNamara Robin and Didi enlist the help of celebrity psychic Christian Dion. Dennis’ new friends turn out to be agents of the crown, and when Christian attempts to draw Dennis back to the present, he is instead pulled backwards into the world of 1805. In order to remain there, they must sell Didi’s engagement ring with the pink diamond heart – the ring Christian used to try to draw Dennis back into the present day. It is at a ball that Dennis meets his ancestress, Alicia Mannerly, and helps set her on the path to becoming the wife of Jerome Kennington. He takes her to Scotland, to her aunt Sarah, enabling her to escape her would-be bridegroom, Charles.

Back in the present day, Didi plans a masked ball for St. Valentine’s day and asks that people dress in costumes from Alice in Wonderland – then she gets a drawing of a ballroom from the era and recreates it in a London hotel. Robin thinks the ball is a remarkably stupid idea, but everyone else seems jazzed by it. He goes searching for the engagement ring with the pink diamond heart – he thinks that if it went back in time, perhaps it survived somehow and was now an heirloom. He manages to buy it back from the person who wound up with it, inexplicably in Chicago, and presents it to Didi for the second time. They decide the St. Valentine’s Day ball with be their wedding, even though Dennis is supposed to be Robin’s best man. Back in 1805, Dennis is having a not-so-gay old time with his new spy friends. When Alicia is kidnaped by spies from the other side of the war, he and his friends must go to her rescue, thereby delaying Dennis finding Jerome. At the St. Valentine’s Day Ball, Didi’s recreation of 1805 London was too successful, and Robin was sucked through again, right off the dance floor into a ball in the past. When Robin, Dennis, and their new spy friends journey into France to locate Sir Jerome Kennington, Christian Dion stays behind in London and knows something is about to go terribly wrong. In present-day London, Didi is left to handle the police, school officials, and anyone who has noticed that three men have gone missing. Christian locates a female psychic in London to help him, and he and Mrs. Abbott are able to view Jerome and a battle in the French countryside. Dennis is shot in the battle to free Jerome from enemy soldiers, and transported back to the present. In the end, of course, everyone is saved, and everyone is back where they belong...except Christian Dion, who saves the life of the man he has fallen in love with, and remains in the past to be with him...and work with Mrs. Abbott. When his lover is shot, Christian pulls the bullet from his body using telekinesis, and he also heals Jerome’s wounds from being tortured by the enemy.