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Assorted reviews for THE CRYSTAL CHALICE

Review for The Crystal Chalice
1. Having reviewed the first book in The Lost Myths Saga (The Land of the Wand) last year, I was looking forward to reading the sequel – and I’m glad to say it did not disappoint! 
Picking up one year after the close of their previous adventure, all is not well with our intrepid trans-dimensional travelers and their problems make them seem all the more rooted in reality, which in turn, gives the fantasy side of the story a more grounded feel. 


My oldest friend, my dearest too...
Come sit with me and talk awhile
I need you, even more
than years before
when we were young and so secure.
It’s not been what they said it would.
But I’m not different; can you see?
Inside this built-up shell it’s me.
Success now stands before me
and I see the open door.
But now I’m frightened of its song;
I never was before.
The steps are getting shorter;
if I stretch I see the peak, 
but there’s nothing on the other side
except a free fall into space.


This poem was written for my friend Cathy Thompson's German Shepherd, a most beloved beautiful boy. It was first published in the anthology by The International Library of Poetry BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT, and again in the Noble House anthology Labours of Love in 2005, and is the first poem in that volume.

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