Sometimes, you watch her.
    Mostly now, she watches you.
    Your life is fascinating to her,
    as it always has been.
    Her world has become so small
    she needs to annex some of yours.
    No more bridge games...she can't see the cards.
    No more books...but you found the ones on tape.
    She doesn't have a dog anymore
    She couldn't take him for walks.
    Once, she was the most beautiful of the mothers
    Now, she's the only one left.
    Your friends love her, and you love them, for that.
    But the spirit is still in her
    Even though she loses a little life each day.
    She tells you, she'd like to visit the Ice Hotel
    125 miles north of the pole, in Sweden.
    Or ride the Orient Express
    from London to Isanbul.
    And you think, please...just once
    Let me give her something great.
    But some months, there are too many bills
    And all you have to give is your love.
    Her mind is still strong, but
    Once she asked where dad was...
    Your dad's been dead ten years.
    And the day she called you mom...
    You laughed and said she's the mom,
    you won't let her get out of it now.
    But you know it's a lie...
    You're the mother now, and she the child.
    You ask for help,
    But all they offer is advice...
    It's time, now, to send her away.
    And you deny it fiercely...never!
    Not my mother, not that place.
    But you're weary, and one day you ask...
    How would she feel about that
    And she looks at you somberly and says,
    Please don't put me in a box.
    The cat spends more hours lying on her bed
    And stares at you with chartruese eyes
    that say...this one is precious
    and has precious little time, with us
    Be sure you make it count.
    So you smile, and hug her and try
    To still do things she loves to do.
    Sometimes, you cry.
    But she can't see you.