An Entirely New Concept

    A lot of new producers were coming into our lives.  Some of them would stay, some would return at a later date.  Some, like Andreas Gruenberg and Daniel Zuta, were fortunately far away and likely to remain so.
    One of the producers to cross our path was Norm Swain; he would actually remain in contact with us for some time.  I received this note from him on the 23rd.
    Sorry, we know these guys and had them checked out by our attorneys. No references, Are offended by simple business ??'s, Could not verify films funded, NOT on IMDB. We decided to take a pass on these guys. Sorry to give bad news. 
    Respectfully, Norm Swain
    At the time our loyalty was still with Rob Simpson, so I sent him Norm Swain’s letter.  His response was, in hindsight, somewhat predictable.
    These guys are absolute idiots and I have such higher connections with studios, financing sources and when ever you run into these types, it means only one thing – they have no idea what the hell they are doing so you would be better served to drop them like a hot rock. With that attitude, they will never see the light of day so dis-associate yourself. If they bothered to check me out properly, they would see that I have no complaints against my company, that we have financed a number of films and I purposely chose not to be on imdb for many reasons as I select my projects and I can't be inundated by losers-like these fools. 
    We have top tier lawyers and if they could show us that they were real, we could lawyer up and show them we are real so it sounds like they do not have their shit together. In the future, bring me projects that are viable with real solid team players as right now I am so in demand I do not need to even defend myself as my plate runneth over! 
    Deb, not to toot my own horn as that is not my style but just to let you know, I was one of the most sought after individual at AFM this year and for very good reasons. 
    Cheers, Rob 
    As we went toward the end of 2008, everything seemed to be going around and around on a carousel with discordant music.  These film financiers were all the same; there was absolutely no reason for people with a billion dollars available needed a measly few million from producers.  It was a ploy to screen people out and only accept the ones that already had money.  We just weren’t in that ballpark, but we tried again.
    The SEC does not permit Bank Guarantors to market or offer information. Once again, the Bank Guarantor now insists on 15% of the Budget in assets or collateral and two foreign territories in pre-sales. I am enclosing a document that is for your eyes only and not to be circulated beyond that of your immediate partners. This explains in depth how and what the Gate Keeper (Pension, Hedge Funds and Insurance Companies) expects and what the process involves. 
    Best regards, Rob Simpson
    As you remember, we have for Go West a producer in Germany -- Daniel Zuta -- who is in the position to raise 15%. I believe you spoke to him a few months ago. The structure SCGI had in place that time did not allow him to raise the money but he is able to do it if we use the pension fund. The question is if the pension fund will accept him as a producer because he's got no distribution of his films in the US. He produced about 40 movies, some of them with English titles but they were distributed in Europe. You can check his website for more info 
    Daniel will handle the production in the Czech Republic and Germany, and his partners in Australia will take care of the production in Sydney. Obviously the actors and director will come from the US. I can't see any reason why the fund should refuse him because he's got a lot of experience, but can you please confirm if he is an acceptable partner for the pension fund. If yes, we start working on the documents for Daniel’s bank. Thanks.
    Regards, Frank