SPECTRE Lives Among Us, Part One


In the ‘James Bond’ books and movies, SPECTRE is the evil organization of world super villains and leaders that have run amok.  They build huge engines of destruction in order to manipulate the climate, economies, and the world.  In real life, they do exist...not by that or any actual name, but they are out there, working everyday to undermine positive change and progress in society.  Rather than earth-shattering, sweeping evil, they instead work as rats do in the infrastructure of a house, chewing on the foundations and destroying the living space.

I am a foot soldier in a global financial war, and have been since the beginning.  If you have ever wondered if SPECTRE exists, if there might possibly be a huge organization dedicated to...not the end of the world but in keeping it the way it is...all the suffering, the gathering of wealth into a small, elite group worldwide, the sickness gone unanswered, the deaths due to neglect, the worst plague of the world since the Black Plague, you might think...Why?  The usual reasons...money, wealth.  Control.  The same things all evil villains spend their lives in pursuit of.

The idea, the plan, began many years ago when John F. Kennedy was President.  A redistribution of wealth globally; the dissolution of enormous reserves of cash hoarded by banks and financial institutions, by private banks and offshore accounts.  When Kennedy was assassinated (coincidence?  Well, would SPECTRE assassinate a President?), the idea was shelved until Barack Obama reignited it in 2011 – not one President in the interim was willing to take the chance to light the firecracker.

There are a number of arms to this creature...one was the Global Currency Reset (GCR) which took five years to construct, and the first launch attempt happened early in 2020.  It was known at the time that it would take years to complete the ambitious program of every sovereign nation in the world converting from fiat currency to gold-backed.  But the opposition to this plan was already battling the outcome, and had been from the point when Obama green-lit the project.

The second arm is called the QFS – Quantum Financial System.  This part was technically finished in the fall of 2019 and involves a complete overhaul and dramatic change in the way people control their financing, in the way ‘banking’ is conducted everywhere on the planet.  QFS is a digital system that would eventually make banks as we know them obsolete; even private citizens would have control over their own accounts without the need of bankers or even banks.  Again, this is something that would take years to complete...if there had been no opposition.  The opposition is dramatic and overwhelming.  Think of it this way – if bankers were made obsolete, then they would no longer be able to hoard funds, assist billionaires in doing the same, or drain funds from those who had little to begin with.  No human would ever be involved in the transactions – small, private, huge – all would be done by the account holder.  In enormous global financial transactions there would be no bankers to intervene, to stop the transaction, to get in the way or skim funds (as many European bankers do through extorting extra ‘fees’, some of them in the six figures).  So, let’s think about who would benefit from this...bankers?  

A lot of people are opposed to the GCR because they are concerned about security.  At this time the security of your funds is controlled by banks – and given the fines imposed on almost EVERY major bank on the planet, it may not be that safe.  The GCR was designed to remove as much human interference and mistakes from financial transactions as possible.  But the people opposed to it have caused many glitches to occur, many delays, many failures.  And they will NEVER stop doing so.  That is why they will win this war – all they have to do is keep progress from happening.  Every couple of months, just as something big is about to be released, their hackers cause another problem.  

The third arm (yes, this thing is an alien) is The Sale and Redemption of Historical Assets.  This is a rather strange plan, conceived to redistribute wealth.  This is the arm in which I have been working in what was put forward as a job and has since caused people to abandon their lives, die from old age or disease, and basically used as cannon fodder in the global war for wealth and the control of wealth.  For me, it began in March of 2018 when I was part of a financial team that offered an attorney in New York a buyer’s team for his large lot of Zimbabwean Gold Certificates (ZIMS).  When the buyers turned out to be fraudulent the attorney asked me to become his first agent and find him legitimate buyers.

The asset arm of the ‘project’ is convoluted and involved, and absolutely the worst organized.  The lies, the delays, the ridiculous claims made over years have been incredible.  The assets themselves involve bonds and historical objects from countries all over the world, some of them deemed worthless before the project began.  The entire ‘arm’ is worth trillions of dollars, being held indefinitely by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  I found legitimate buyers for Mr. S by the middle of the summer, and we were told the sale would conclude by the end of August, 2018.

Here is what we didn’t know – what no one actually working on these transactions knew at the time – no funds were available for the purchase of the assets.  The ‘buyers’ were also agents, assigned by the actual buyers, who remained anonymous because they were government entities, and these ‘buyer agents’ were instructed to find sellers.  And find them they did – over and over again.  August came and went with no result.  In September of that year I met Mr. BAS, also an agent for sellers of historical assets, and a financial consultant in NYC.  I brought him a number of deals in the historical asset field and international funds, and we became loose partners of a sort.  

Since there were no actual funds to pay for the historical assets, buyers kept failing and new ones appearing.  This went on for another year while a lot of people began to be suspicious, in particular the sellers of the assets – they started asking a lot of questions about what was happening and why.

Finally, some intel began to creep out of the vault of secrecy.  It wasn’t of any use to those of us who had been working on this with no pay (spoiler alert – there has never been any) but it did explain some of what appeared to be simple rampant ineptitude.  The GCR was ready for initialization, and no funds could be released until it and the Quantum Financial System were started.  It didn’t appear to matter that both would take years to be everywhere, or even anywhere with any degree of success.

 For almost two years now, Mr. BAS and I have worked with numerous other agents, sellers, buyers’ reps and others – he has the highest connections in the U.S. government and has still not been able to decipher why this whole plan has failed over and over again.  People have died waiting for it; two suicides that I know of, and a colleague of ours who died of natural causes – old age.  His two sons have now inherited his shares.

So how do government entities get away with not paying people with no end in sight?  Agents are not under salary; they are paid commission shares in the payout.  The money is supposedly enormous – this is why a lot of people started working in the project.  I started because my business partner, Sandra and I were in the process of raising money for a multimedia fund.  Sandra died in 2012, and her husband Tom and I continued on.  

Every time the release of funds got close, over and over again, something would happen...blockages, hacking, glitches.  We finally discovered there was another group out there, a global group as ours was, that was dedicated to stopping the program.  All of it.  All the arms.  Who would do this?  Well, who stood to gain from the failure?  The answers are numerous and varied, and they all have to do with greed, wealth and power.

The sellers were divided into groups, and they began with the wealthiest people on the planet, the ones who owned billions of the historical assets.  Most of the agents were in the fourth groups, a and b, of which b contained the largest amount of sellers and agents.  For approximately a year we were told over and over again that the first group, the first two groups, the first three groups had started payout.  And everytime, it was untrue.

There were rumours, when Covid-19 started to take over the planet and was declared a pandemic, that it had been unleashed as yet another attempt on the part of SPECTRE to keep the program from completion.  Was that true?  No one knows...but again, would SPECTRE unleash a plague on the world and kill hundreds of thousands of people in order to place another blockage on progress?  Better ask Dr. No.

In June of 2020 Mr. BAS hooked up with Ms. M, a woman who worked for several government entities.  She knew more than anyone else we met thusfar in this industry; and over the next few weeks she certainly proved herself.  However, weeks later...you guessed it.  Still no funds, more delays.

By the 23rd of July, I was told the first three groups of the historical assets had been paid, and group 4a was in-progress.  I say I was told because on that date I still had no firm proof.  What had gone before completely destroyed my faith in the procedure, and I had every belief that SPECTRE would indeed prevail, and no payouts would ever occur.

So...will the half a million sellers involved in the historical asset program ever be paid?  Will the millions of agents ever receive a dollar of their commission shares?  I honestly have no idea, but as far as the bigger picture of the planet goes...SPECTRE exists, but in the shadows.  And they appear to be winning.