Birth of a Shining Star


The sequel to DEATH OF SHINING STAR. The story picks up where the first ends, at the cemetery where Dorothea and Jackson meet and part. The next time they meet is the first time Jackson and grandmother Irene know of William Shiningstar. Jackson is so enraged that Dorothea kept William’s existence from them for three years, that a rift is caused between them – a rift that takes twenty years to heal.

As William grows, so does Dorothea’s career. She becomes a famous film producer, makes a lot of money, and doesn’t realize when her son has jumped the track. It is left to Stephanie and Thad as William’s godparents to step in and take over. Their solution of having William live with them doesn’t please Dorothea, but she realizes she is unable to be the mother William needs at this point. But he grows up a little bitter, and resentful, and although he and Dorothea become close during his teen years, it is Jackson who becomes his role model.

Dorothea and Jackson are eventually reunited, and are able to overcome what has happened in the intervening years to find their own love.