Don Quixote and the Shadow Warriors

Everyone knows the story of Don Quixote de la Mancha.  But not this story.  This is an epic fantasy telling of the classic novel by Cervantes.  Don Quixote is a ‘warrior of the light’, initiated into this brotherhood as a young man by the Sorceress of the Light, Azimandra.  He appears to others as an old, broken-down warrior...but for those few who have the ‘sight’ to see the truth, he is a golden, glowing symbol of strength and goodness.

The Warriors of the Light battle the Shadow Warriors.  In Spain these creatures from another dimension have inhabited the bodies of those who tend toward the Dark...they live on fear and the excitement of violence.  They are lead by a Sorceress of the Dark, Mallestra. Azimandra resides in Don Quixote’s sword – the Shadow Warriors have no corporeal bodies in our dimension, and Azimandra refuses to inhabit a body without the owner’s consent.  She assists him in his battle, but more and more of the Shadows are passing through the dimensional barrior.

Quixote travels the countryside with his squire Sancho Panza, defeating the Shadows and sending them back to their own dimension.  He meets Esmeralda, a very poor and downtrodden kitchen wench at a hedge tavern, and in her recognizes another Warrior of the Light.  Esmeralda becomes Dulcinea, and Quixote’s protegee.  Torquemada, the head Inquisitor for the Inquisition, is also the General of Mallestra’s army of darkness.  Quixote enlists the assistance of Father Miguel, a monk and his own mentor, to assist in the battle.

Quixote and his team of warriors do eventually defeat Mallestra and Torquemada, and even Azimandra’s evil brother Operadus.  But there are some twists in the story...all the Shadow Warriors could not be returned to their own dimension, and the war continues.  Azimandra ensures a new generation of Warriors of the Light when she makes Father Miguel young again, and he and Dulcinea fall in love.