A silvery beam from Diana’s bow
Slants across your pale cheek.
A tear glistens, opalescent
As you beg me to stay a day, a week.
I am only a woman, beloved
And have no Goddess’ strength.
The trust I once gave you has snapped
After stretching to its length.
The early sun throws a beam of gold
Across your copper curls.
You like on the sheet like a child,
Your pale eyelashes long as a girl’s.
The room grows lighter; I move away
From the arm that embraces me.
The morning sky glows jellybean blue
And beckons me, to make me free.
Too many women have come between us,
Too many nights have I stood alone.
Your eyes no longer have the power
To make me believe in dreams flown.
Too many promises broken
Darken the cloudless sky.
There will be another, and kisses...
Be a man, beloved, and kiss me goodbye.