Turn your eyes away
They burn my brain too fiercely
And light my face on fire

With the white heat of your soul.
She said you're too intense for her and passed you on to me,
like a scalding potato thrown
from hand to hand at a childrens' fete.
 She told me I'm the only one
 who could know how to manage you,
But her faith is misplaced, and I fear it My dear

 --it is I will be handled by you.
 Your quiet assurance frightens me more

 Than your beauty impresses the rest
So I run from your presence only to find Myself
trampled in the wake of your loves.

 They stifle and strangle
But still you forebear
To push them away, for you need
The cheers of the crowd more than me.
You hold me by threads of lightening,
 Far too thin and too strong to be seen.

And you swear you will melt
 The ice in my heart with the fire in yours.
 I believe you, my Lucifer More than you know
When you tell me the day is the night.

So get thee behind me...
 And don't scorch my crown,

The Ice Queen and Satan could never be One.