The Faerie Queen


A full-length feature film script based on The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser

A romantic satire based on the book by Edmund Spenser.  The characters are the same – the protagonist, Sir George; the heroine, Princess Una; the Faerie Queen, Gloriana.  The villains, the strange fey creatures...they are all here, but have been somewhat transformed for his satiric telling of the epic tale.

Sir George is resident at the court of Gloriana, the Faerie Queen, when he meets Princess Una.  Una has traveled from her own country to that of the Faerie Queen to find a knight who will rid her kingdom of a dragon that is decimating their countryside.  George, smitten by Una at first sight, offers to go with her and defeat the dragon.  The film is of their journey, the strange sights they see and people they meet along the way including Satana, a temptress who lures men into her bed in order to sell them into slavery and her three evil knight companions – Sans Foy, Sans Joy and Sans Loy.  There are faeries and satyrs, and a dragon who is trying to protect her babies and needs a job.

Yes, it’s a comedy.

Registered with The Writer’s Guild of America, West: #386852