The Great Rubber Duckie Adventure



A film and stage play for children and adults alike.

Based on the true-life incident when a crate of assorted rubber duckies was blown overboard from a cargo ship near the China Sea and floated all the way to wash up on an English beach in Cornwall. The duckies received international recognition; there was an official ‘duckie tracking team’ that watched the duckies on their around the world journey. In this story, which is CGI and live action, there are the duckies and the humans who interact with them.

The protagonist of the story is Roley, a plain yellow adolescent duck who lives home thinking to make a new life in a new world. On the ship with him is Rosie, a sweet girl duck with a rose painted on her bottom. To Roley, Rosie is the epitome of feminine duckritude.

There are other duckie characters both good and bad, and the humans who try to save them. Also a villain intent on capturing the duckies for his ‘collection’ of oddities. This is a full-score musical adventure, musical score by Fred Cox of Noisy Fred Productions.

Registered with The Writer’s Guild of America, West: #1200128.