A Ghost Among Us: Must Read!

Fiction - Fantasy
Title: A Ghost Among Us
Author: Debora ElizaBeth Hill

Rating: Must Read!
Publisher: JAQKAR Publishing
Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl

Never before have I encountered a ghost I like so much as Sir Jerome Kennington. We should all be so lucky to have a spirit so full of life in our homes.

Three women rent a house in Hampstead that comes furnished with antiques and its own resident earth bound spirit. What follows is a wonderful story of the three living together, as only women can, sharing and supporting each other through career challenges, men troubles and decisions of what to wear.

Deirdre Hall is a television show host who falls for a guest rock star. Charlotte Lewis is a photographer who wants desperately to capture the essence of the souls in London, and Natalie Ladd is a painter who ends up wowing the crowds at a gallery showing. In between the inspiring lives these ladies lead, they find the time to make love with their boyfriends, liberate a lab full of test animals and help sort out the mystery that has their ghost remaining on the earthly plain.

Jerome was murdered, and he needs to discover why and by whose hand. There is an evolution here of this lost soul. At first he can only be seen by the three women, the first in 200 years to do so. Then he discovers that others can see him as well. He was trapped in the house that at one time was part of his own estate, but as time goes by, with the women to help him, he finds he is able to travel about. Jerome shares with the girls, his understanding of life and death and reincarnation: shocking one of the boyfriends.

And then there is Deidreís boyfriend, the rock star, who looks exactly like Jerome. Though he is not a Kennington, it is possible that he is a descendant and turns out to be a clue to a piece of the puzzle.

The author has succeeded in bringing a group of friends to life for the reader, even the character who has been dead for so long. Attention to detail is given at just the right moments. The research that was involved, in portraying Jeromeís story from the 1800ís, was obviously enjoyed by the author, as the details of the period are wonderfully vibrant.

I savored this book to the very end, which turns out to not be the end after all. The second novel, Jerome's Quest, I am told will be available shortly. I look forward to it with much anticipation.