The Invisible Heart


Romantic drama, set in the present day in London and various American cities. Much filming can be accomplished on-set with stock footage for Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Los Angeles. There are dark elements to this story, which would be r-rated due to the sex (including under-aged sex scenes between the teenaged runaways) and violence (there are several violent scenes with Robbie, the pimp, including one in which a man is killed in order to save the children).
Rock star Gregory Donovan has a perfect life in London with a beautiful house and a trophy girlfriend, Gillian Roxbury. But he is dissatisfied with his life, and doesn't know why, until a chance encounter brings two teenaged runaways into his life. His rescue of Dennis and Rita turns his perfect world up-side down, and brings Gregory a new purpose and lease on life.
When Gregory Donovan and his bodyguard save Dennis and Rita from the vicious pimp Robbie, he embarks on mission to save teenaged runaways that results in a benefit to raise money for a halfway house. During this journey Gregory discovers his own heart, and realizes that his life with Gillian is a meaningless one. It takes a little longer to discover his love for fellow singer Ashley Michaels, but they wind up engaged by the end of the film.

From The Invisible Heart
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