Between the brilliance of the sunlight

And the dark rays of the moon

We meet as one in the twilight hour
It’s never too long, but always too soon
There is much that I would teach you, child
But I fear you are too old to snare
And your eyes are so deep, they swallow my words
With a lion, how much is too much to dare?
I cannot conform you, the clay is still wet
It contains too much steel to mold
So I jab and I punch and I mix in my tears
For yours is one soul I wish so much to hold
Why I don’t see you as the others still do
I cannot comprehend to explain
To them you are weak, but I know your strength
The making of a man lies in the quiet of his plain
You have it stored away in cartons
Hidden in the warehouse of your mind
Show them what you hide, but not from
And they will know that you are not their kind.
Then think of me, as you have done before
And we will meet again as twilight draws apace
When you, the sun, can curb his rays
And I, the moon, will prepare us for the race.