Paradise Lost


One Page Synopsis

Based on the epic religious poem by John Milton, this version of Paradise Lost has been updated and twisted for the present day. It is a grand fantasy epic but more than a little strange. As in the original, the action begins in Hell. Lucifer and Beelzebub have lost the battle for Heaven. But the situation is far different than it was originally...
After establishing his palace in Hell, Lucifer travels to earth and meets Adam and Eve. During his travels he meets two of the angels still loyal to the Emperor, and they capture him. But his powers have increased greatly since leaving Heaven, and he easily escapes them. He is amazed that the Emperor would create Adam and Eve and then keep them ignorant of life...but he realizes, bitterly, that this is just what the Emperor has always done.
Much of the action of the film is as a flashback to the battle for Heaven and what led up to it...this story is told by Raphael to Adam and Eve. But he doesn’t tell them everything, such as why the battle started.
The Emperor of Heaven has kept his angels ignorant of the facts of life, and they don’t know how to reproduce because they have never conceived of male/female relations. When the Emperor has a son, the angels are was this possible? It is when Lucifer falls in love with Michel, a female angel, that they discover the secret, and set off the war for Heaven.
As Raphael is telling Adam and Eve the story, he progresses to what will happen to them when they leave Paradise. But the ending of the story is not what he imagines...the fate of mankind has been changed, because Michel is pregnant with Lucifer’s child, and she has left Heaven to locate the father of her baby.

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