Murder by Ecstasy

Amateur detective story, set in London during the late 1980's. Similar in style to the ANNA LEE movies, but with a technical look close to that of the still-popular `THIN MAN' series.
New Wave music - a sharp contrast between the detectives (`bright young things') and the DRUG-WORLD reality of the ECSTASY users.

Ecstasy is LEGAL in LONDON, but expensive to make.
A certain DRUG LAB has been mixing cheaper ingredients with their Ecstasy, which tends to make the user violent.
Two female documentary film makers, a video producer and an art gallery owner become involved in the club scene and, hence, the murders.
The real murderer is the person behind the drug labs, not those who commit the actual violence.

Our four detectives ferret out clues and pursue the owner of the drug lab through the streets and clubs of London, over a period of several weeks. They track him to a warehouse, and try to capture him, with the aid of a young police officer. He plunges to his death from the roof of the warehouse.

Reg. WGAw 496734