The Stardust Kid




A comedy drama, set in the 1960's. This is a film about rock music, glamour, drugs, and the price of fame. Similar in style and tone to BACKBEAT and THE DOORS, with the visual look and feel of THE ROSE and A STAR IS BORN (the second version).


In the early 1960's, an aspiring rock musician comes to America with his band only to discover the world isn't ready for him yet. He meets and marries a young waitress and takes her back to London. Five years later he is a star, they have a baby, and their marriage is in tatters.


When Damion Bond leaves his wife and comes to the states for a tour with The Stardust Band, he is a big star. She leaves him and takes their baby, and he doesn't find out for several months, since they are estranged. With the help of a celebrity hairdresser in Chicago, he is able to win back his wife. Complications occur when he nearly destroys the hairdresser's marriage by seducing her. His wife Anya has made her way to San Francisco during where she has handed a job as an illustrator at Rolling Stone.

Reg. WGAw #305712