The Sewing Club


Contemporary womens' ensemble story, set in Northern California. Similar in style to THE FIRST WIVES' CLUB and BOYS ON THE SIDE, but with a technical look close to that of STEEL MAGNOLIAS and HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT. There should be a sharp contrast between the world of Emma and the Sewing Club and that of Chelsea and the computer hacker/slackers.


Reporter Emma Woodhouse teaches a Sewing Club on Monday nights. The women who attend are also friends of her's, and after their sewing session they have a potluck supper and, if the weather permits, go swimming in the pool which is outside the clubhouse where they hold the club meetings. Karen Tomlinson, who lives in the townhouse complex where the meetings are held, has her 17-year-old niece Chelsea staying with her.


When the Sewing Club members find a body in the clubhouse sauna, they become involved in a plot to blackmail a computer software mogul. When Chelsea becomes implicated in the murder and the plot, Karen attempts to help her, putting herself and her baby daughter at risk. When Emma, a reporter for the local newspaper, becomes involved as well, her fiance Lucien is injured when her car is driven off the road.

Registered with The Writer's Guild of America, #801387