My oldest friend, my dearest too...
Come sit with me and talk awhile
I need you, even more
than years before
when we were young and so secure.
It’s not been what they said it would.
But I’m not different; can you see?
Inside this built-up shell it’s me.
Success now stands before me
and I see the open door.
But now I’m frightened of its song;
I never was before.
The steps are getting shorter;
if I stretch I see the peak, 
but there’s nothing on the other side
except a free fall into space.
I can’t turn back ‘cause when you climb
they jerk the rungs away
and I don’t want to fall so far...
So I’ll hang here, just for awhile
until the mist beyond clears off.
Please sit with me; that’s all I need...
And old friend...’cause I’m still me.