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Assorted reviews for THE CRYSTAL CHALICE

Review for The Crystal Chalice
1. Having reviewed the first book in The Lost Myths Saga (The Land of the Wand) last year, I was looking forward to reading the sequel – and I’m glad to say it did not disappoint! 
Picking up one year after the close of their previous adventure, all is not well with our intrepid trans-dimensional travelers and their problems make them seem all the more rooted in reality, which in turn, gives the fantasy side of the story a more grounded feel. 

Last Poem for Debora

I cast my hopes, my prayers, into thy springtime eyes
And now, thirty years later, they look back at me.
The effort, the toil, the sweaty labor
Isn’t seen, but yet it glow. 
We are ‘people of character’.
All and sundry wish to know us better,
And yet they know not why.
For we’re not unusual, you and I.
Not rich and beautiful.
Neither so good nor so bad
That it is remarked.
But the laughter flows
And they gather round
To ease their aches at the sound.
Later, alone with our words,

The Danger Club: Movie Script

Come join the Danger Club for their latest prank. They are going to steal a paper mache' bust of Bill Gates in order to drive up the price for charity, and in its' place leave a giant Energizer Bunny. Ah, but the plan goes awry, not an unexpected thing for this bunch, and they are chased by real thieves and the police, as well as being befriended by several drag queens.

Who has the jade Buddha? Will Queen Monk toss Gloria into the Russian River? Who are the walking vegetables, anyway? Does anybody know how to rollerblade? You'll just have to read the book to find out how these things work into the story...

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