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Hell, Somewhere in Australia Part II

I was glad that I never discussed this matter with Tom and Sandra.  They had been my friends since college, and even though I was feeling put-upon at the time and as if I had been forced to assume more than my share of the obligations of our business, it was only a few days after this letter that Tom broached the subject to me.  He and Sandra had decided that any percentage ShadowHawk paid to him would go into the Lost Myths Ink account for our joint expenses.

Catching the Greased Pig Out of Town...Part One

CATCHING THE GREASED PIG OUT OF TOWN was originally intended to be a nonfiction book about our adventures in film financing and collaboration. It started in 2002 when we signed with ShadowHawk Entertainment in Ireland. When it reached 400 pages and I was only as far as 2009, I knew it had grown out of proportion for a book. So I am presenting it as a blog...the first one I ever installments. OK, it's not a REAL blog, because I could never really write one of those. Stream-of-consciousness isn't my thing. Don't like reading it, or writing it. So here is the first installment of my 'not blog'. There will be one a month, probably forever...

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