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ShadowHawk -- The Drama of the End

    In June Frank made a somewhat feeble attempt to revive GO WEST, YOU IDIOT!.  Feeble because pretty much everyone else had given up on both him and film and he didn’t seem all that interested in it himself.  On the first Scott wrote to him in an attempt to discover what, if anything, was happening with the development money.

The World of OZ August 11, 2015

    Blog Entry - Update August 11, 2015

    Oberon and OZ have found the gallery space!  And some of the sections now have names:

    Goddess Curiosa Temple and Museum
    Museum of the Mysteries
    Illuminarium Library of Esoterica
    Magick Alley shoppe
    Legacy Gifts and Memorial Exhibits

ShadowHawk -- the Beginning of the End

Hello everyone,
    I am pleased to let you know that ShadowHawk has made a deal for a number of upcoming projects that will require our production involvement and at the same time we will be commissioned to do a number of our own projects.  This is indeed an outstanding break for us and is one we are very pleased to have.  The first of many I hope.  We hope to be very busy within the next few months with this as I had a meeting this morning and they seemed very pleased with our presentation.  Keep you updated.
    Sincerely, Anthony

River Street Collapses

And thus it was that Tom Deedy came into our lives, and was destined to remain a part of them far longer than Anthony Whelan would.  And RIVER STREET, when we finally got to read it in March, turned out to be nothing like what we’d imagined.  It wsa, in fact, something like the mutant child of ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Twin Peaks’.  Needless to say, we loved it, even if it was a little violent for our tastes.  Tom Deedy wrote us his first letter on April 1st.  
    Dear Debora;


    Tom Deedy was a writer from Connecticut who had been working with Scott Ferguson for a couple of years when we met him.  The surprising thing was, he had no contract with Scott when ShadowHawk contacted him regarding his television pilot RIVER STREET, and it could be a contract conflict that would finally end our association with ShadowHawk, and Mr. Deedy’s as well.  This is the first letter Anthony wrote him, and his response;
    Dear Mr. Deedy;

Catching the Greased Pig Out of Town: The Confusion of the Scripts, or Those Damned Irishmen....

Cathal asked me for a list of scripts we should include in a presentation to the investment team he put together in Switzerland for ShadowHawk to produce our films.  Sandra and I wrote separately, and we decided not to confer on our choices until after we sent our letters.  Here are both of them; you’ll notice all our choices weren’t the same, but that’s the beauty of having a collaborator.  These letters were both dated July 23rd.
    Dear Cathal;

Hell, Somewhere in Australia Part II

I was glad that I never discussed this matter with Tom and Sandra.  They had been my friends since college, and even though I was feeling put-upon at the time and as if I had been forced to assume more than my share of the obligations of our business, it was only a few days after this letter that Tom broached the subject to me.  He and Sandra had decided that any percentage ShadowHawk paid to him would go into the Lost Myths Ink account for our joint expenses.

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