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And Now for Something Completely Expected

And Now For Something Completely Expected
    It was only natural that there would be some complete assholes.  In the film industry there were certainly a larger percentage than in most other professions; some people developed such a strong sense of self-worth it became immense arrogance, and there was certainly no way to avoid it.

Lost in Deception

Lost in Deception
    March continued, the days got longer.  The lies continued, the deceptions became stranger.  Larry was in Los Angeles at the funding conference, and there were some emails back and forth and far too many marathon telephone calls.  At the same time, Frank hit the ground running, as he always did, regarding GO WEST.  I wrote to him on the 12th.
    Dear Mr. Krejci,

Hell, Somewhere on Long Island

There was a lot of correspondence between myself, Scott Ferguson, Tom Deedy and the fraudulent ‘David Elliot’, who turned out to be another figment of Anthony Whelan’s imagination.  There was a Pyramid Corporation, but they stopped film funding years before; and there was a David Elliot who was a Hollywood producer.  But neither of them had anything to do with ShadowHawk.

There was also one exchange of letters between myself and Brian Eustace, before we closed this sad and frustrating chapter of our lives.

Dear Debora,

The Dying Throes of a bad collaboration

At this point Paul Nolan entered the communication debacle with another long diatribe against Tom Deedy and us in general.  Since he was only parroting what Cathal said I have left his communication out of the mix.  Monday, July 3, 2006 ended with much confusion and a lot of name-calling.  Frank tried to establish some communication that made sense.

ShadowHawk -- The Drama of the End

    In June Frank made a somewhat feeble attempt to revive GO WEST, YOU IDIOT!.  Feeble because pretty much everyone else had given up on both him and film and he didn’t seem all that interested in it himself.  On the first Scott wrote to him in an attempt to discover what, if anything, was happening with the development money.

The World of OZ August 11, 2015

    Blog Entry - Update August 11, 2015

    Oberon and OZ have found the gallery space!  And some of the sections now have names:

    Goddess Curiosa Temple and Museum
    Museum of the Mysteries
    Illuminarium Library of Esoterica
    Magick Alley shoppe
    Legacy Gifts and Memorial Exhibits

ShadowHawk -- the Beginning of the End

Hello everyone,
    I am pleased to let you know that ShadowHawk has made a deal for a number of upcoming projects that will require our production involvement and at the same time we will be commissioned to do a number of our own projects.  This is indeed an outstanding break for us and is one we are very pleased to have.  The first of many I hope.  We hope to be very busy within the next few months with this as I had a meeting this morning and they seemed very pleased with our presentation.  Keep you updated.
    Sincerely, Anthony

River Street Collapses

And thus it was that Tom Deedy came into our lives, and was destined to remain a part of them far longer than Anthony Whelan would.  And RIVER STREET, when we finally got to read it in March, turned out to be nothing like what we’d imagined.  It wsa, in fact, something like the mutant child of ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Twin Peaks’.  Needless to say, we loved it, even if it was a little violent for our tastes.  Tom Deedy wrote us his first letter on April 1st.  
    Dear Debora;

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