The Chocolate Spy


A romantic/spy comedy set during World War II. Lighthearted against a grim background of war -- similar in style and pacing to VICTOR/VICTORIA and DARLING LILI, with the nostalgic feel of THE ENGLISHMAN WHO WENT UP A HILL BUT CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN.


An American army Sergeant, commanding a unit of MP's, is stationed in London -- he meets and marries an aspiring hat designer who works as a diamond setter for the war effort.

The Sergeant is a secret SPY for Allied Command, attempting to find a MOLE in the headquarters.

Messages are passed by way of CHOCOLATES wrapped in different colored foil paper. When the General in charge of the operation is murdered, the Sargeant is left on his own, with a few men.


The story is set in World War II LONDON, with a few scenes in France and the English countryside. The Sergeant's new bride is drawn into the ESPIONAGE game when she throws away one of the message chocolates.

Reg. WGAw #464752