Soul Mates



Romantic comedy, set in primarily in London, with interior scenes in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, during the 1960's. A combination of trendy, screwball comedies from the period like There's a Girl in My Soup and What's New Pussycat, with a more modern look and psychic overtones.


When she was a nineteen-year-old co-ed, journalist Celia Hillis was engaged to rock star Lance Burnside. When she leaves him the middle of the night, based on the advice of another singer's wife, it affects their lives for the next seven years. He searches for Celia while she eludes him, working under a pseudonym.


Seven years later, Celia is a rock music journalist working under the pseudonym Camellia. She hires photographer Candi Lawrence and they relocate from San Francisco to London, where Celia will write her column for Rock Tales magazine. Candi meets her own soul mate, Shane Larsson, lead singer of the Norwegian singing group HEROES. Candi and Lance have been visiting one another in their dreams, on the astral plane, and Candi is a psychic facilitator, who enables Celia to visit Lance in the same manner -- against her will.

Eventually, after some screwball incidents and mayhem in London and New York, Celia and Lance are reunited.

Reg. WGAw #689210