The Imposters



Romantic comedy, set in New York City in 1984 (some interior scenes set in London). Similar in style to 80's period films like THE WEDDING SINGER and DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, but with a feel of mistaken identity romantic comedies like HOME FRIES and AUTUMN TALE .


For the first time, a veejay is leaving MTV, and disk jockeys across the country vie for auditions to become her replacement. One of these is Tina Martin, a New York disk jockey who, according to her friends, needs a makeover in order to become a television star.


Tina's friends Ellen and Valerie make her over as a platinum-blond bombshell in white lace. When she meets Ellens' boyfriend Graham Davis, Tina realizes he is a dead-ringer for superstar rocker Tommie Harley. When she convinces Graham to dye his hair, shave his moustache and impersonate Tommie, she sets off a series of comedic errors that leads to her landing the veejay job at MTV and Tommie Harley. Ellen and Graham, however, end in tragedy which is only mitigated by the fact that Ellen discovers his deception before she marries him.

Registered WGAw #397983