Romantic drama set in current day Marin County, Los Angeles and London. Similar in style and pacing to SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT and NOBODY'S FOOL with a technical look similar to THE PLAYER.


A would be screenwriter, currently a reporter for a weekly arts newspaper in Marin County, sells a screenplay and goes to Los Angeles to sign the contract. There she meets her New York agent and the star who will play the lead in the film.


Screenwriter Randi and film star Dennis become friends; he falls for the female lead in the movie, a British actress named Adrienne. Lane, the agent, also becomes friends with Randi but is in love with her as well. Dennis is soon disenchanted with Adrienne and tries to dump her; the same happens to Randi with Lane. Both dumpees become obsessed to the point of murder in one case and attempted kidnapping in the other. After a series of near-disasters, Randi and Dennis discover they are in love with one another, and as soon as they can rid themselves of their insane ex-lovers, they can be together.

Reg. WGAw #849974