Douglasse et Regine



A madcap comedy set in Paris during the early 1930's. Similar in style and tone to VICTOR/VICTORIA and 60's comedies like WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? and many of Woody Allen's earlier works. Filming should show the high life, the joys and lows, resembling movies like SCANDAL and DOROTHY PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE.


A world-renowned fashion model goes to Paris to visit her aunt, owner of a nightclub called Gisella's, and to coordinate the House of Chanel fall fashion show. There she meets female impersonator Reginald Cleveland, and falls in love with him. Unknown to her, he is also in love with her but pretends to be homosexual because he is the darling of the Paris gay scene.


Danielle Hollis cuts her hair and pretends to be her own brother Douglas in order to win the love of Reginald Cleveland. He is manipulated into becoming involved with Douglas even though he is in love with Danielle, in order to keep his position as a stage star. When they discover the reality of their affair and are married, it sets off a whole chain reaction of comic events involving the nightclub and Reggie's younger brother Noel.

Reg. WGAw #327629