One Night in San Francisco


Romantic comedy, set in San Francisco during the present day. Similar in style to trend-set films like DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN and AFTER DARK, but with a feel of old-fashioned romantic comedies like WHO'S THAT GIRL? and ST. ELMO'S FIRE.


Two journalists set out for the evening with their friends, an aspiring fashion designer and computer whiz. During dinner they meet two television actors who accompany them to a nightclub where they meet a skinhead who is going to introduce them to some Satanists. The two journalists want to interview the Satanists. The entire story takes place during one night.


When two female journalists go out to dinner with friends, they meet two television actors. They then go on to a fashion show where one of their friends is showing her designs, and the two actors are also guests. The actors tag along (thinking romantic thoughts) as the journalists attempt to track down a group of Satanists with the help of a skinhead. Romance occurs, Satanists don't.

Registered WGAw #467399