Don't Breathe the Air: Movie Script

with Scott Ferguson of White Tiger Entertainment


A true-life story in the method of ERIN BROCKOVICH but told from the aspect of the victims. The story of a man and woman poisoned in the 1994 Unocal Chemical spill, and how their lives are nearly destroyed. Also featuring largely in the story is the Response Team for the Chemically Injured, an organization in Atascadero, California that helps people who have been chemically poisoned.


In the spring of 1994, a leak sprang from a tower at the Unocal Refinery in Rodeo, California. The leak of the chemical Catacarb was allowed to continue for fourteen days, and poisoned over 5,000 people in the town of Crockett, California.


Adam and Anna Brockman have been married for six months when they are poisoned in the chemical spill. Anna's two children are also affected, but it is Anna who suffers the most. Her immune system is completely compromised, and she nearly dies during the years of the lawsuit. This suit, involving over 5,000 victims, was finally settled in 1998, and Anna and Adam were able to relocate to Alaska, where they bought land. Now Anna is recovering her strength, but none of the family can breathe the air in cities anymore -- they can no longer visit their home city.


by Debora Hill and Sandra Brandenburg
with Scott Ferguson

Registered with The Writer's Guild of America, West #850424