Murder at WorldCon: Movie Script


Murder mystery (with comic overtones) set at Worldcon in San Francisco. Takes place over the course of a weekend, with some set-up scenes during the previous week. Ensemble piece, similar in style and pacing to the ANNA LEE movies or I LOVE TROUBLE with a technical look similar to THE NET or PRIME SUSPECT.


Two college girls and aspiring writers get jobs working for a caterer at Worldcon in San Francisco. On the Friday evening before the convention begins, they work at a party given by a favorite fantasy author, and meet the author and her friends and colleagues.


At the convention, a literary agent with whom the author has been fighting (due to his horrible penchant for young, aspiring writers) is murdered in a particularly trenchant fashion. When the author is arrested for the murder, the two college students decide to find the real murderer. They are assisted by two retired schoolteachers (female), a young actor who is attracted to one of the girls, and a journalist.

From Murder at WorldCon

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